Of people and places that relish music

The unconventional wedding locations always give a touch of personalisation to the grand event. Aaron & Tenny chose to do theirs at Nosh.

Lemon Jelly Pop was hired to bring them lovely tunes of romance. Three is better than two, that’s why Lemon Jelly Pop is always a great option.

Joy & Peh are the frontrunners of the band, evidently from being the main vocalists.

And there’s Lyonel, the important member bringing the beats, take him out and you will hear/feel a difference for sure!

Here are some snippets of the band that night:

Benjamin planned his big day one year in advance, and right down to the final days before his wedding, he was still on the ball and making sure everything would go right. It was a planning experience coordinated with no one but his beloved wife, Tze TIng.

Held at Shangri-la, the dinner was hosted by popular emcee Charissa Seet, and they had Phoebee, Benjamin Boo and Titus from Pennylane as the music entertainers.

Did you know that we now have dedication cards for your guests to use?

Benjamin is always smiling and ready for the camera. Congratulations to Ben and TzeTing and may you enjoy marital bliss!

International Energy Week

We don’t need to waste any energy here when Lemon Jelly Pop was putting their energy to good use.

Invited to perform for International Energy Week at Marina Bay Sands, the band exuded positive energy for the guests to enjoy while they networked.

Dualog held an exclusive event for its customers, on 8 October at Marina Mandarin’s poolside. Other than the pleasant sunset, the invitees helped themselves to wine and canapes, and a topping of Meryl’s mesmerising vocals.

Thank you Dualog for having us back again!

D Leedon launched their condominium in musical style by having many acts entertain their guests.

The attendees were entertained by Los Serenatas on acoustic guitars, Haowei on violin and Dominic on saxophone.

Vivienne Tseng had the honour to host this event with President Tony Tan Keng Yam as the guest of honour on 3 October 2014.

The yearly event took place at Grand Corpthorne and was organised nicely by The Event Station!

Starker, an old client of ours, contacted us last minute as a private party was to be held at their Holland Village premise two sundays ago! We ‘mobilised’ Jianhua, our talented bilingual singer/guitarist and here are some videos of his multi-linguistic abilities.

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