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This review is (fashionably, of course) late, I know. I can explain. The bottom line is, I felt compelled to write about it, because Pure Heroine and Lorde herself, impressed me. This delayed exposition is because the obnoxious indie snob (me) felt the common reaction to a supposedly indie act on a commercial radio station – disdain.


When Royals was broadcasted not just on radio but on a wide screen in Orchard, it started to hurt my eardrums. The local music scene further brutalised the identity by covering it.


Only until I heard the likes of Team, and after CHVRCHES did a cover of it, I was tantalised to check this prodigy out for real.


And I was blown away. Tennis Court was the first peel to the core, revealing how this teenager could very well be something I would play on my ipod everyday. I must laud Lorde for her kindness to drum and bass lines in her songs, allowing them to take precedence in many tracks. Her hints of electronica with the synth tapped on my weakness to succumb in appreciation.


Buzzcut Season and Glory and Gore sealed the deal for me. Lorde, I am glad we got acquainted beyond Royals. I know I might be maimed by true indie cum Lorde lovers though. It could have been me in their place, lashing at others by saying, do you know Foster the People beyond Pumped Up Kicks? What about MGMT beyond Kids?


I am bashful about my misjudgement. I am sorry to music lovers, who have ears more discerning that mine. But today I am a Lorde fan, and I will admit it unabashedly.

- nateh de coco

Listening to Ultraviolence is akin to watching a slow black and white film. One that is paced so cautiously such that you could feel the breeze and hear raindrops pelting outdoors. That imagery formed in my head with the type of publicity photos that accompanied her sophomore release.


Lana Del Rey still charms, but the songs in this album sit you back and do not tease you outrightly like how Born to Die did. Do you remember her flirtatious demeanour for Off to the Races?


Her sultry vocals take on a less playful disposition, except for Brooklyn Baby, which retains some of her girlishness that was very apparent in her debut album.


West Coast stands out as a hit, and reinforcing her style in singing and songwriting. Tracks such as Guns and Roses and Ultraviolence, and pretty much the rest of the album, which are overdriven on reverb fade to the backdrop while you close your eyes to the moving picture in your mind.


I wouldn’t say it was a bad take, but it is an alternative effort from Lana Del Rey that reinforces the fact that she would shove something to your face and can’t give two hoots if you took it or left it. Doesn’t her unequivocal claim of ‘Fucked my way to the top’ mean anything to you?


I’m glad she emblazoned herself with her post-modern songstress identity prior and this manifests as a continuation of what we knew her as. All she wants is money, power and glory. I know she relishes her entourage of bad boys who can play guitars as well.


Ultraviolence is more of a continuation of Lana’s image, and will not arrest listeners on its own like how Video Games or Born to Die did. It is a necessary dose for listeners though, to satisfy nefarious ears that find Miley Cyrus distasteful.  

- nateh de coco

Lions Clubs International, a service membership organization with over a million members worldwide till date. Lions Clubs plan and participate in a wide variety of service projects that meet the international goals of Lions Clubs International as well as the needs of their local communities.

Many members attended the event held at Swisshotel Singapore, to witness the joint installation of club President 2014/15 for District 308 A1.



While guests were having their sumptuous meal, Singapore Char Siew Baos entertained the crowd with jazz music and their beautiful voices.

Singapore Char Siew Baos -Quando Quando Quando

Singapore Char Siew Baos – Fly Me to the Moon


While everyone is piqued with the world cup fever, there was a time for another kind of competition – horse racing. 

The VVIP of Emirates, decked in elegance, sauntered into the function area at Turf Club for their sunday lunch, with a great view of a horse race. 


IMG_3954 IMG_20140713_123139

Welcoming them was the equally elegant Jana Fries, that made the harp the perfect instrument, inviting the elite to enjoy an exciting afternoon that laid in ahead of them. 

IMG_3950 IMG_3949 



At Chinatown Food Street, one of the popular tourist attractions, where you get to find the local street food that holds history of the old days to many of the hawker stalls owners. Last night, many invited guests showed up at the appreciation night organized by Select Group. IMG_3930   IMG_3935We had Singapore Char Siew Baos, Ruby & Jacob performing for the night with pop songs in English and Chinese to liven up the atmosphere. IMG_3928 IMG_3933 Ruby & Jacob singing to  ‘Tian Mi Mi’ and ‘Ye Lai Xiang’ by  Teresa Teng. 

You may have seen Rolls Royces, Bentleys or Maseratis gracing an event, but try to beat this – A private jet.

Held MAJ Aviation near the Seletar airport, Vertu brought having an event to a new level by featuring a jet at their ceremony. Bobby Tonelli hosted and NOIR performed for the guests.

The event, held inside a hangar, also made industrial the new and hip thing to do.




While guests were having cocktail, DJ Jason Kai spun his lounge tunes, befitting of the setting sun.



This is the luxury handphone that deserved a welcome ceremony such as this.




The rest of the evening was made up of food and music by NOIR.








Even our musicians wanted to get a glimpse of the plane!







Lau Pa Sat Reopens!

Those who work in Shenton Way can head back to an old haunt for lunch : The Lau Pa Sat Festival Market will re-open after a S$4 million renovation. It was closed for eight months for renovation and restoration works.



Singapore’s one and only Gurmit Singh kicked off the opening with some games with the children as it was an all family event with many excited with the festival market after its eighth month absence.
IMG_1053 Acapella group Aftersix were our Satay Boys for that night along the famous Satay Alley with smooth renditions of cultural and current hits.

IMG_1056 The Sets Band got the festival market moving with a rocking performance!

IMG_1049 IMG_1042

Lau Pa Sat will be open 24 hours daily.


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